Welcome to Thank You Kiss

Hey there, honey bee! 

Thank you so much for your purchase this month. 

You are now gazing upon a little slice of cyber goodness called Thank You Kiss - a private blog which hosts exclusive content for clients only. On the tab entitled 'Kisses', you will find videos to feast your eyes on!

You will need to use your password again to access the 'Kisses' tab.

I am making some changes to Thank You Kiss at the moment and have removed the old videos to make way for shiny new content which feels more relevant to me. This means that there are currently only a couple of videos to check out. There are more videos in the works.


The password that you have for Thank You Kiss runs out at the end of the current month. This means that you have access to the blog only until the end of the month we're currently in. On the first of next month you will be unable to access the blog due to a change of password. (However, clients who purchase AFTER the 25th of the month are given access to the next month's password.)

Thank You Kiss is updated regularly. Whenever the fancy takes me, I add new bits and pieces to it for my clients to enjoy as tasty extras! 

The content shared with you on the Thank You Kiss blog is for clients only and should not be shared on any public platform or redistributed in any way.